Brand: Herbalife
Product Code: 1413

Hydrate provides a low-calorie source of bioavailable electrolytes designed for advanced hydration. Hydrate includes only 1 g of sugar plus B vitamins, and Vitamin C to enhance fluid absorption and ensure you are hydrated. Whatever your activity level, you can use Hydrate at any time during the day morning, during workouts or even at night.

  •     Low-calorie hydration anytime for anyone
  •     Bioavailable electrolytes for rapid body fluid restoration
  •     B Vitamins support carbohydrate metabolism
  •     Antioxidant support from Vitamin C
  •     Contains less than 15 calories and only 1 g of sugar.
  •     Convenient packaging allows for hydration anytime.
  •     Maintain proper fluid levels throughout the day.

Usage: Mix 1 stick pack with 16 fl oz of water.

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